from Outer Space


Ava: It’s all about how to dance the Path of Love. It’s the hardest path or the easiest path. You just choose to do it!”

Keniston: “We’re seeing all these savages doing all kinds of savage things to one another, even to my partner and daughter, and we’re supposed to love them. That’s my most difficult challenge!”

Barbara: “I don’t know. I love Earthlings, I love everybody. That’s how I choose to relate. How about Donald Rump? Well, I never said my behavior was perfect.”

Loren: “The greatest sin is to think your life is worthless, to fail to appreciate this incredible gift of life.”

Rash Lamebrow: “It’s all illusion. There isn’t anybody here from any other planet. This is just a bunch of hippy hackers who have developed some amazing techniques of hypnosis. We are hypnotized by them every time they open their friggin mouths! It’s best never to listen to them at all.”

Alvin: “I wouldn’t say it was a mistake. How was I to know she was a spy for Faux News?”

Brautigan: “If you really want to integrate blacks and whites, all the races, dozmars are sure a wonderful loving way to do it.”

President Subornable: “The Durvans want us to become totally ecological. They don’t realize how strong the forces against them are for this unrealistic position.”

Author: “Do we deserve to live as we are, or cut back and start over?”